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Brian Donnelly (aka KAWS) was born in 1974 in New Jersey, USA, and now is one of the most remarkable artists of the 21st Century.

He started his career working as a freelance animator for Disney and expressing himself as a Graffiti, he first explored subvertising art, focusing on the alteration of existing images (as advertisements) in a satirical manner. His most famous image is the "Companion", a grey scale figure of Mickey mouse with the X-ed out eyes and/or hands but Kaws explore a large scale of the pop culture from Darth Vader to Sponge Bob or Snoopy.

KAWS museum exhibitions include solo shows at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, High Museum of Art, Modern Art Museum, and the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum or Yuz Museum of Shanghai.

KAWS currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York City.