Achetez de l'Art

«  Achetez de l’art » (means «Let's Buy Art ») is a french initiative to encourage people to buy art, to go to the galleries, to the fairs, to be part of the art world and of the art market.

Dope Gallery support « Achetez de l’Art » since the beginning of the adventure

As a young gallery we are sometimes confronted to people who think that Art should not be for sale, that the market is not good for the artistic creation.

This vision is a bit out of phrase with the reality.

From the Renaissance (I think about the Medicis or about the flamish dealers) the collectors, by purchasing, by cultural patronage, support the artists. The Louvre or the National Gallery would be very small museums without the works from private collections

Public institutions are doing a lot for some form of cultural expressions but the art needs the market to be really alive. The artists needs the collectors, the galleries, the fairs, the auction houses to have their creations shining around the world.

In return Art is generous with us. He lets the collector educate his taste, his curiosity, it makes our everyday nicer, more original and richer.